To find the Client list you will go to the Client tab in the minimisable side bar on the left and select the Client List option.

Now that you have added your Users/Care Workers it is time to add the Clients that you will be providing Service for. You have a single default Package set up so that you can apply it to the Client Profiles to allow you to Schedule Appointments. To create more Packages and use them to assist with invoicing you will need to take on the Finance option.

If you require further Implementation Assistance or the Finance option to add to the functionality of your Eziplan System with greater customisation of Packages and Service Types and integration to Accounting and Payroll software, please contact an Eziplan Account Manager on 1800 394 482, or by sending a message through the Helpdesk widget.

To add your first Client, select the "Add New Client" button at the top of the page and you will open up a blank Client Details page to start the new Client Profile.

Below, we will go through the sections of the Profile to understand what needs to be filled out. This is a full Client Profile and not all parts of this will be necessary for your Basic Eziplan setup, however you will see from here some of the extra feature capabilities that are available. We will skip over discussion of some of the fields that are self explanatory.

Any field with an Asterisk (*) attached is required to save the profile.

Fill out the basic Client Demographic Details.

Geographic Region

This drop down can be used to segment your Client list if you choose a Customisable Eziplan option.

Custom Groups

In a Customisable Eziplan option the Custom Groups can be used to give greater customised permissions to staff on what information they can see and which Clients they can work with.


Address details are important for accurate GPS mapping. If you have the Finance option you will also be able to automate the calculation of Care Worker travel for Billing and Payroll.


Notes can be placed here about the Client. This is particularly to separate out information you may wish only Administration Staff to see and those notes for Care Workers that you want them to see on their Mobile Web App in every appointment made.


Referrers can be added in an Eziplan system, with a Finance option, to allow the system to segment Clients for Invoicing purposes.

Finance Options

All of these can be used, with the Finance option enabled, to allow the Eziplan system to integrate with Accounting software and automate travel rules for billing purposes. This includes the Non Chargeable, Statement options and Medicare and NDIS details below.

Once you have completed these details select the "ADD CLIENT" button to save. You will be taken to the top of the page. Choose the "Client Full Details" Tab.

This will open your Client Profile so you can complete additional details. When you are on the "Client Details" Tab you will notice a 3rd line of Tabs open below it.

Edit Settings

Allows you to edit the information you have put in above.

Change Log

Audit trail of all changes made to the Client Profile

Bank Details

With the Finance option this allows you to set up Direct Debits from HCP Statements.


This allow you to set Gender and specific Staff preferences that your Client may have. This information allows the system to create conflicts in the Weekly Planner to assist your Scheduling Staff to make informed choices when Rostering.

Package Schedules

Your Client Profile requires a Package Schedule to function. If you choose to move to the Finance option this Package is then chosen when an appointment is made and tells the system where to charge it to. The Packages can be customised to suit your business needs. At this stage there is one default Package setup for you to allow the system to work: "Fee for Service".

To attach the Package choose the Package Schedules Tab and then select the "Add Package Schedule" button.

This will bring up a pop up window for you to choose the Package and supply additional details. Choose the Package, a Case Manager and dates for the Package. Fields with and Asterisk against them are required to save. Once you have completed this select the "ADD SCHEDULE" button to save and then close the window with the red "X" button to return to the list.

There is nothing else you are required to fill within the Client Profile to move on. You can find more information on the other features of an Eziplan Client Profile by going to the Eziplan Collection on the Ezihub Helpdesk and scrolling down to the section on Client Profiles.

Once you have finished adding your Clients, you can move on to setting up your Appointments. When you get to the page open the Helpdesk widget and find the article "Basic Self Set Up Part 5 - Appointments".

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