Referrers and Brokers are people/businesses that supply you with work. The Eziplan System uses these to organise where invoices will need to go for claiming should you take up the Finance Package for Eziplan. For this reason you will also add your Plan Managers in here.

If you have only taken the basic package you can move on to adding your Care Workers. Once you are there open the Help desk widget and search for "Self Set Up Part 6 - Care Workers".

To find the Referrers list you will go to the System Management tab in the minimisable side bar on the left and select the Referrers option.

In your new Eziplan system this list will be empty. To add new members to this list, select the "Add new referrer" button at the top.

This will open a new window that you can fill with the appropriate details. All fields with as asterisk (*) marked are required to save. Once you have completed the details here select the "ADD REFERRER" button to save and return to the list.

If you require integration for an Accounting Package please contact an Eziplan Account Manager on 1800 394 482, or by sending a message through the Help desk widget.

Now open the Care Packages page. When you arrive there, open the Help desk widget and search for the article "Self Set Up Part 4 - Packages".

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