You should now be on the Qualifications page, however, to find and customise Qualifications in the future go to the the System Management tab in the minimisable side bar on the left and select Qualifications to go to the Qualifications list.

Qualifications are added to your User Profiles to assist Scheduling Staff to roster the appropriate people with regard to Service Types and requirements for specific clients or appointments. Qualifications, within the Eziplan system, are for shift matching and not specifically a HR tool. (see bottom of article for Qualification use cases)

Your Qualifications list has been started with a preset range of options common to Aged Care and NDIS providers.

From here you can customise your Qualifications list. The list is ordered by the Sequence numbers put in the Qualification profile. You can also see colours that are there to assist in grouping.

The other information collected is Appointment Matching. This feature is what tells the system that a User is qualified to carry out an appointment or not.

To add a Qualification select the "Add new level" button at the top, or to edit/delete click on the link that is the Qualification name. The below screen will open for you to fill or make changes. Any field with an asterisk (*) is a required field to save the Qualification.

When you have completed your task select the "ADD LEVEL" button to save.

Once you are happy with your list of Qualifications you can move on to setting up your Task Types. When you get to the page open the Helpdesk widget and find the article "Basic Self Set Up Part 2 - Task Types".

Qualification Use Cases

Think about Qualifications as skills or skill sets required to be able to carry out a Service, not necessarily as an Official Paper Qualification like a certificate.

Example 1. Personal Care for Aged care might be able to be carried out by someone with a Cert III or Cert IV or for some other reason. Give the Qualification in Eziplan to any staff you have who can carry out Personal Care.

Example 2. NDIS Assist Self Care may be carried out by someone with a particular Certificate but may also be carried out by someone with certain internal training or a family member. Give the Qualification in Eziplan to any staff who fit the profile.

Example 3. You may choose to have a Gardening Qualification. This is unlikely to be an Official Paper Qualification but might help your Scheduling team choose someone who likes, or is good at, gardening when that is going to be required.

Qualifications in Eziplan are about taking the knowledge that is often locked away in one persons head and making it available to any staff who might be doing rostering. It then adds a level that helps you maintain compliance by keeping track of Expiries and giving warnings so that you can make sure the right person turns up to do the right job.

Non Appointment Matching

These are Qualifications that you want to track with your staff (eg First Aid) but are not directly required to assist Scheduling Staff with rostering. Very often they are items that everyone has to have so you just want to track that they all have them and you may also need to add an Expiry Date. This is done in the User Profile and will trigger warning notifications on the Home Page Dashboard when Users are close to or past expiry.

Appointment Matching

These are the Qualifications that specifically warn the Scheduling Staff in the Weekly Planner that the Care Worker that has been given an Appointment does not currently hold the correct Qualification by setting a Conflict. This is not just about the expiry date but about showing they are allowed to carry out the task.

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